21 Resources for Instagram

Make Instagram even more powerful (and cut the time you spend on it) by picking and choosing among the resources listed here.

Choose between content creation tools, scheduling tools, “how to” links and other miscellaneous resources.

1. Crowdfire

Formerly UnFollow, this app has come a long way since its initial mandate to show people who had unfollowed them. Nowadays, you can use Crowdfire as a targeting and community-tightening aid (as well as to get rid of dubious or spammy followers). And it’s as simple as a single click.

Use Crowdfire to identify and manage the following:

  • Fans — People who follow you and whose posts are relevant, but somehow you’ve missed following them yourself
  • Who followed me — your most recent followers
  • Non-followers — people you follow who don’t follow you
  • Who unfollowed me — People who were among your followers when you signed up to Crowdfire, but who have left

These are just the basics of how you can use Crowdfire. One of its most valuable features is one that many people aren’t aware of—the “Copy Followers” feature. Says Crowdfire: “All you have to do is enter the username of the account, and we’ll fetch the most interactive followers of that user. A peek behind the scenes will reveal that we’re only showing you the users who are most likely to check out your profile, and follow you right back.”

Be very careful, however, that you do not “Copy” the same [Instagram] user account more than once: They could report you as a spammer.”

You can also whitelist and blacklist accounts, as well as use Crowdfire’s “Friendcheck” search capacity to look up a specific user and see if she follows you.

2. Curalate

Instagram schedulers are notorious for changing and disappearing, so here is an alternative. It’s not cheap, but that’s all the more reason to expect this management tool will stick around.

In addition to scheduling, Curalate allows you to “measure engagement, traffic, and revenue – at the post level”.
Plus, you can also use features such as its Like2buy app, where people tap on your product or multiple, numbered products in a photo to be taken to a purchase page—while their choice is shared.

3. Latergramme

If you are looking for a simpler, cheaper Instagram scheduling option, try Latergramme—it’s free.
You can:

  • Upload photo and video posts from multiple devices (up to thirty per month for free; unlimited with a paid account)
  • Search and repost web content
  • Add team members for Instagram account collaboration
  • Manage more than one Instagram account (up to two with a free account; unlimited with a paid account)

Plus, plan and schedule all your Instagram posts—right from this easy-to-use app.

4. Schedugr.am

Another popular Instagram scheduling app. Their “first comment” feature allows you to put your hashtag into a comment rather than a caption.

Schedugr.am is quite unique: All other Instagram scheduling apps—including Crowdfire and Latergramme—don’t actually post your scheduled post, thanks to Instagram’s rules against that type of automation. They send you a reminder to post, when your scheduled post is ready to launch and you still have to take the final step and post it yourself.

Schedugr.am, however, explains what they do like this:

Prices are reasonable and easily tailored—Schedugr.am recommends factoring about $20.00 USD for up to 10,000—and there is a free trial.

5. PicPlayPost

This app allows you to “create video collages and share your captivating stories using photos, videos, GIFs and music”.

6. Quick

This app bills itself as the fastest app to add text to images on the net. It is optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and has just added five new fonts.
As with other apps here, it is also available on Google Play.

7. Hootsuite

Although you can’t log in with your Instagram account, if you already have this old industry favorite, you can schedule your Instagram posts with it.

Go to the Hootsuite official blog to learn how to add Instagram to your Hootsuite Dashboard. (Remember you’ll still have to actually manually publish the post, on receiving the reminder.)

8. Pixelmator

Pixelmator is a powerful photo editor that allows you to work with layers, designed for iOS. Use single-tap color presets to adjust your color. Use templates, or manipulate every facet of your image manually. Use the Repair tool to touch up blemishes on your image subjects.

It has just about every feature you find in sophisticated graphics editors like Adobe Photoshop—and it can handle images of up to fifty megapixels.

9. Snapseed

The Snapseed photo editing app also boasts an impressive array of features, but some people find it easier to use than Pixelmator. It concentrates more on helping you tweak and tune photos that need a little help—for example, boosting the contrast, removing dust and dirt with the “healing” tool and sharpening or blurring.

Plus, it offers a selection of useful “vintage” effects.

10. Vintagio

This app provides a complete suite of effects for giving your videos a “vintage” feel. You can apply effects as:

  • Sepia
  • Soundtracks
  • Retro themed filters from every decade of the 20th century
  • Slowing down your video
  • Speeding up your video
  • Flipping your video (from right to left)
  • Extract picture from video

And much more. (Check it out at the iTunes app store for full details.)

11. ShortStack

ShortStack loves Instagram: In fact, although they are known primarily for their Facebook app management, they focus considerable attention on Instagram, providing templates for photo contests, and an Instagram Promotion template that allows you to run a complete Instagram campaign.

It has a unique and easy Photo Upload form so that people don’t have to enter through the Instagram app—meaning desktop users can enter your contests too.

Start using ShortStack straight away—the company offers a generous free option—or sign up for one of their monthly plans.

12. Wishpond

This lead generation software that not only allows you to run a full campaign, but also administer Instagram contests.

There is a limited free option, with plans to suit those ready to operate on a larger scale.

And be sure to check out Wishpond’s free Instagram Contest webinar.

13. How to Create Instagram Ads Using Facebook Ads Manager

Clear, step-by-step “how to” article from Social Media Examiner on exactly how to create Instagram ads using your Facebook Ads Manager.

14. Instagram for Business

Visit Instagram for Business and take advantage of their marketing tips and “how to” sections.

15. Instagram Direct

Create videos with Vimeo and upload them with Instagram Direct.

And remember that Vimeo is also a community that will feature your videos and help you get them out in front of people.

16. Crowdfire Product

Crowdfire Product is the official blog for the Crowdfire app. If you find you use Crowdfire (or any other app) frequently, remember to check their sites for links to their official blogs.

That is where you’ll get news of things like changes to policy, new features, removed features and more.

17. How to Take a Time-lapse Selfie

This article not only gives you simple instructions on how to take a time-lapse selfie using the Hyperlapse app, it also adds time-saving tips on what to do—and what not to do—when creating one.

18. Over™

Another quick and easy app you can download on iTunes or Google Play, if you want to add text to your photographs.

19. Minter

When your account grows larger, you might want to invest in a dedicated Instagram analytics service like Minter, which will give you all the data you need—such as:

  • Which hashtags trigger the most engagement
  • Which time of day sees your photos getting the most “Likes”
  • Geo-location data
  • Who followed and unfollowed you
  • Best time to post
  • And much more…

Minter will also help you track your hashtags, analyze your community engagement patterns—and you can export data too.

20. Instagram Advertising Basics

The definitive Facebook Help section index page to everything you want to know about Instagram advertising.

21. Understanding and Creating Carousel Ads for Instagram on Facebook

Creating carousel ads for Instagram is not hard—but first it helps to understand what they are and what they can do.

Carousel ads consist of a series of photographs in a sequence. People recognize them not only because of the word “Sponsored” appearing at the top of the ad, but because of the multiple dots underneath. Viewers can click on the dots in sequence to see the “next” photo.

Do take the time to read our link, however: Then you will easily be ready to tackle how to create your own carousel ad.

Choose your apps carefully, making sure they support your branding and engagement strategies.
Using the right apps for Instagram can make a significant difference to your lead generation. Try them and see!

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