7 powerful ways to use Instagram to get more coaching clients

Why Use Instagram

If you’re a coach and you have a mobile phone, you can’t afford to ignore Instagram. And if you think Instagram is just posting the odd candid shot from your phone, make no mistake: That definitely counts as ignoring all the wonderful things Instagram can do for you, your brand and your community.

Hootsuite™ statistics from September, 2015, show 300 million active Instagram users per month, posting 70 million photos per day. 70% of these Instagram users come from outside of the U.S., while within the U.S. Instagram accounts for a 55.8% share of social networkers—numbers similar to Facebook—but perhaps the real proof is not in projected numbers such as ad revenues up from $595 million in 2015 to a projected $2.81 billion by 2017, but in the fact that 85% of top brands have heavily invested in Instagram campaigns.

Why Use Instagram

As with any social network, there are advantages and disadvantages unique to the platform. Some of the benefits include:

  • A dynamic flow that creates a feeling of real-time connection
  • The ability to start and maintain conversations
  • The perfect platform for audiences who prefer visual information
  • Multiple graphics manipulation opportunities, to maximize presentation and capture interest
  • Precise targeting through permitted use of hashtags and tags
  • Multiple branding opportunities

This combination of trust-building engagement and marketing strategies creates a powerful, active presence for those who make full use of it.

There are disadvantages, starting with the sheer size of the competition—but that’s where branding and targeting come in. Disadvantages include:

  • The need to post multiple times per day, so that your audience has a greater chance of catching your feeds
  • More care, time or expense has to be put into creating high-quality posts, if you want to brand yourself as powerfully as top brands
  • You need to expend the time in extra-diligent keyword and tag research

Fortunately, there are powerful shortcuts you can take to automate or speed up these functions without detracting from the personal connection of your posts, and we’ll be discussing them in our webinar today.

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