8 Steps to Have the Sales Conversation that Actually Gets You Paid!

Step one: attracting people who can pay Ask yourself if you are targeting people who can pay. Website language: Appeal to those ideally suited Actively repel those who can’t afford you, don’t have the right temperament, interests or needs for your coaching, or who just aren’t ready for you yet Cut out vague words and…

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The Tools I’m (Currently) Using to Grow a Following on Instagram

Instamate Instamate allows you to create, post and schedule Instagram posts from your computer. Unlike other scheduling options this is a small one-off purchase and NOT a monthly subscription. You can also find and bookmark popular or relevant posts and much more. My favourite part is the image editor which allows me to create content…

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Close that sale

21 Tips For Coaches To Close The Sale

The more you have those sales conversations, the more comfortable you will get with them—and the better results you’ll achieve. In the meantime, here are 21 ideas and tips for increasing your chances of closing the sale with a commitment. Talk Up the Results Your potential client wants to know how your coaching or your…

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Free Access Pass to the Instagram Success Summit

Is your business on Instagram yet? If you haven’t started using Instagram for your business, you’re missing out. Not only on brand and product awareness, but definitely sales and profit. That’s why I want you to be the first to know about this year’s premier Instagram marketing event: The Instagram Success Summit, an online conference…

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Ten Common Hidden Podcasting Hazards

These are mistakes or omissions that may affect a guest’s opinion/likelihood to be interviewed again and may hurt your business growth. Not having a strong and compelling call-to-action that also attracts your guests Not informing them about restrictions you may have on what they do with content you provide them Not having a plan, system and…

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Podcasting Resource Directory

Podcasting becomes a lot easier when you use the right set up, equipment and services. This means finding the right resources—and the ones you’ll find below are universally used and appreciated. Libsyn A platform and service that not only hosts your podcasts, but also provides you with the ability and means to start podcasting, get…

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21 Podcasting Ideas: Using Expert Interviews to Grow Your Business

  Making a start is the most important step to take, when it comes to podcasting: Getting expert guests is the next most important step, if you’re a business coach. Here are twenty-one ideas for making the most of your guests—and making sure you impress them with your professional, easy-flowing podcast interview. Ask Your Expert…

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21 Great Time Management Resources

  Get the Right Things Done Faster! Ready to take control of your time and not only get more done, but do the right things? These resources will help! 1.    Getting Things Done The ultimate guide to greater productivity, this classic book by productivity master David Allen has led countless people to—as the title says—get…

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Don’t Overthink Product Creation

We all want to create exceptional value for our tribe, so we work really hard to create products and programs that meet—and exceed—their needs. So you: Identify the need Outline the solution Discover another angle Outline the solution Discover an interesting (and useful) side trail Outline the solution Decide on a membership site Outline the…

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How To Avoid The Continuing Education Time Trap

When you’re in business for yourself, you can’t afford to let your skills slide. You must work to continually increase your marketing knowledge, learn new ways to help your clients prosper, discover emerging technology, and a host of other information. In fact, you could easily spend all your time learning and no time at all…

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