Step Four: Creating 4 types of easy Instagram contests

Instagram contests are another under-used but powerful tactic tailor-made for coaches. You can position these as an actual contest with prizes—or just as a fun sharing exercise or “event”.

These four contest types are:

  • Like to win
  • Tag to win
  • Comment to win
  • Best photo (participants just use your special hashtag)
  • Creating 4 Types of Easy Instagram Contests

Best of all, you can administer them not only via Instagram but also directly from your blog, by posting in more detail and giving calls to action such as asking people to share a photo with your specified hashtag—photos that illustrate some aspect of your clients’ priorities and your mission.

For example, here’s how PeiWei Asian Diner does it, giving their instructions in a caption at the bottom of  a photo that shows a collage of their healthy dishes and the (assumed) lifestyle choices of their loyal customers—thus appealing to others who would enjoy that lifestyle and (presumably) the food they present and serve.

Here are four basic types of contest you can easily set up for your brand and followers:

  1. Like to win

Ask people to “Like” a photo you’ve posted if they want to win a prize specified by you.

What to watch for: Did it increase the number of “Likes” you got? By how much?

  1. Tag to win

Ask followers to tag a friend who they think would like your photo by putting (@friendname).

What to watch for: Did it increase the number of followers to your Instagram account? Significantly?

  1. Comment to win

Ask followers to leave a comment on a specific photo in order to be eligible for a prize.

What to watch for: Did your photo prompt feedback you can use? A rise in post engagement?

  1. Best photo

With this type of contest, you ask followers to post a relevant photo on their own feeds, simply using your specified hashtag. People like this type of contest because it’s easy for them to do.

What to watch for: Increase in awareness of your brand? In viral sharing of your hashtag?

The Rules

Unlike certain other social networks, where you practically need a lawyer to decipher the rules, Instagram’s rules are simple:

  • State your contest is in no way endorsed by, sponsored by, administered by or in any way associated with Instagram
  • Warn participants not to engage in inaccurate or inappropriate tagging

You might also want to add that participants affirm they are eighteen years of age.

Where to put your Contest Rules:

The most common places to post rules are:

  • On a page in your website
  • In your photo caption, if your rules are simple
  • On a campaign page using an app like Iconosquare or ShortStack

There are several benefits to Instagram contests:

  • They are easy and fun for Instagram users to enter
  • You can easily add extra steps to make your contest fulfil more than one purpose (e.g. “Like” and “follow”) without inconveniencing participants
  • They can help grow your audience
  • They can help build brand recognition and awareness

You can call your contest a contest—or you can make like some of the big brands, and promote them as an event—but whatever you choose, do treat them as a fun adventure to get your ideal followers involved.

Share news of your contests on your website, other social media and through your contest administration apps, if you’re using these.

Be sure also to use targeted hashtags—whether or not your contest includes sharing a hashtag as part of its terms.

Basic hashtags to start with and choose from are:

  • #instagramgiveaway
  • #instagramcontest
  • #contest
  • #comment
  • #[your unique contest name or keyword]contest
  • #[yourbrandname]

Instagram contests are easy and flexible—and a great way to build your brand.

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