Step Seven: Making your Facebook ads do double duty with Instagram

While making your content as original, versatile and eye-catching as it could possibly be constitutes a major part of Instagram success—especially when combined with branding purposes—sharing your content shouldn’t be left to organic visitors and faithful followers.

Instead, you want to expand your reach within your global target audience—and that’s where Instagram advertising comes in.

According to authority blog, eMarketer, Instagram will expand from almost $600 million dollars’ ad revenue in 2015 to $2.81 billion by 2017—more than even Facebook’s ad revenue, and easily surpassing Google and Twitter.

One of the biggest advantages of Instagram ads lies in the way you can integrate these with Facebook ads. You can literally set up a Facebook ad, using custom audiences and re-targeting pixels you’ve already created—and display these ads on Instagram too.

So make your ads do double-duty, and test them out on Instagram as well as Facebook: And it’s as simple as clicking the “Instagram” radio button in your Facebook Power Editor (though you can do it in Ad Creation and via your Facebook Ads API too).

You can use either images or videos in your Instagram ads; in either landscape or portrait presentation.

A unique feature of Instagram advertising is the carousel format, where you can select several photographs to be presented like a slideshow.

Your Instagram ads will display as “Sponsored”, and include your profile logo top-left. There will also be a call-to-action button just below your graphic, bottom-right; and there will be the usual options for viewers to “Like” or share your ad.

Put into practice these seven powerful ways to put your Instagram branding on hyperdrive, and you’ll see noticeable, measurable results.

So if you’ve been guilty of just posting the odd, candid snap to Instagram, be reassured that you don’t have to do that anymore. Take full advantage of the wonderful third-party and native apps, benefits and features of Instagram, as well as scheduling tools like PostSo.

Use Instagram as a powerful tool for engaging your community while building your brand—and start today.

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