Step Three: Stand out as a coach with your Instagram branding

So how do you make yourself stand out on Instagram as a coach and as a brand? Let’s take a look at popular coach, Leonie Dawson’s Instagram feed:

Just from this random screenshot of six photos, we see her feed heavily branded with her signature magenta and turquoise colors—note that carries even into candid shots such as the personal shot, with her turquoise eyeglasses and blouse.

Leonie Dawson has done something brilliant here, too. She’s made a photo image out of her top hashtag, “#shiningacademy”—there’s nothing else on the page. What a great way to get people to remember it, turning it into a graphic!

Into the photo feed here, she throws in different types of photograph: An atmospheric photograph (the image of the window); the warm, embracing and creative divine-female energy she is known for (“magic happens when women circle”); the wonderful personal photograph that still manages to be branded with her colors—magenta and turquois.

These colors make fans instantly think “Leonie Dawson”, as well as creativity and fun. Finally, we also see two striking slogans that inspire action (branded with her colors—and website URL).

In other words, Leonie Dawson supports her brand and inspires like minds to check out her site without having to resort to going all salesy. And she does it, seemingly effortlessly, with almost any type of photo image.

You can do that too.

Let’s look at some of these strategies and tactics you can adopt to create your own unique, branding mix:

  • Using your brand colors and signature images and icons right within your photographs, quotes and infographic-type posts
  • Using photographs that inspire, challenge and reflect quality—even “informal” ones
  • Asking people to share your main hashtag
  • Stand Out as a Coach with Your Instagram Branding
  • Providing a link to the right landing page at your website on your profile
  • Making sure your profile makes it clear what you want to be known for
  • Posting material always with your ideal client or peer in mind
  • Using a specific call to action in your profile description, like “share your own photos with me by using [hashtag]”

But don’t stop at what we’ve seen in the examples we’ve just talked about. Always keep looking for natural ways to reach more people and get them to follow you.

And when you’ve hooked them, do your best to keep them by sharing:

  • Exclusive content (For example, pre-launch previews and “insider” news)
  • Your own ongoing progress and results from a Challenge you are running
  • Events you and your clients are enjoying (That includes your own events; or ones you are attending together)
  • Inspirational photos or short videos, specifically to keep them goal-focused
  • Photos of products, equipment or gear that can help them (NOT salesy ones)
  • “In action” photos
  • “Behind-the-scenes” photos or “Before” and “After” photos

Above all, making sure that every photo and post reflects the ethics, values and principles you live by: The ones represented by your brand.

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