Step Two: How to grow a targeted fan base with Instagram

To grow your own targeted fan base with Instagram, you need to identify your main goal—branding should be a major one—and commit yourself to an overall strategy: For example, increasing reach or connecting with your community. Focus on community creation around your ideal client’s main interest and goal, and lead generation will automatically follow as they get to know you and hang out with you on Instagram.

To maintain follower interest, post on topics highly relevant to your business brand—but equally important, be sure you post general-interest viral posts, now and again, that don’t clash with your brand.

So what does that look like, in the real world? What do these words actually mean? Before we take a look at actual examples, let’s look at strategic posting:

  • Connecting with potential clients through their top interest topics related to your field or specialty
  • Connecting with influencers through their own relevant interests
  • Connecting from Instagram to Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook (easy!)
  • Attracting general-interest viral “sharers” hooked enough to follow you and increase your all-over visibility
  • How to Grow a Targeted Fan Base with Instagram
  • Promote events, including webinars, Google+ hangouts
  • Run brand-related contests that are fun and easy to enter
  • Show your wares, if you have things to sell
  • Invite your followers to share relevant content (using hashtags)
  • How to Grow a Targeted Fan Base with Instagram

For example, there’s nothing wrong with being overt if you have an online store, like…

Scrolling through this brand’s Instagram feed, you quickly get a feel for what their specialty is—quirky, pretty, original design to feed the consumer’s originality.

Zulily also does something incredibly powerful: It includes the hashtag it wants followers to use in its profile message—along with a call-to-action.

Zulily provides a great example of staying with your purpose while reinforcing your brand. That’s something you never want to lose sight of.

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