The Tools I’m (Currently) Using to Grow a Following on Instagram

  1. Instamate

Instamate allows you to create, post and schedule Instagram posts from your computer. Unlike other scheduling options this is a small one-off purchase and NOT a monthly subscription. You can also find and bookmark popular or relevant posts and much more. My favourite part is the image editor which allows me to create content very quickly. This is an ESSENTIAL tool in my Instagram business growth strategy. For more information, check out –


  1. Crowdfire

Crowdfire allows you to unfollow non-followers easily. It has a useful ‘Whitelist’ feature which means you won’t accidently unfollow someone you really want to follow (who isn’t following you). Since the changes to Instagram on 1 June 2016 they only offer a paid version – but it’s cheap for what it allows you to do



  1. Hashtagify

This allow you to find high performing hastags related to your main hashtag quickly and easily. For more information, visit –


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